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Eastman’s LabelPRO™ system is for simple pattern identification. Integrated with the cutting tool head, a printhead is used to print and place self-adhesive labels onto pattern pieces as they are cut. LabelPRO™ reduces the time & effort required to manage cut pieces. Label data comes directly from a CAD pattern database and can be barcoded or printed with multiple fonts. Eastman's label system reduces the time and effort required to manage cut pieces.

  • 2”x1” or 1.25 x .5” printheads or labels available
  • Supports numbers 0-9; characters A-Z (capital letters only); +/-/./$/% and SPACE
  • One of seven available barcode types may be selected (standard is CODE39)
  • Maximum number of characters is 13 for 2” wide label
  • 5,500 labels per roll