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Ultrasonic Tool Head

Eastman precision tools offer the utmost flexibility for hundreds of cutting applications and proven solutions for even the most difficult-to-cut materials. Eastman’s tool heads have been engineered to offer maximum versatility and adaptability while adhering to stringent industry requirements for accuracy, speed and repeated quality. The Ultrasonic tool head option has been designed for cutting adhesive backed, composite or gasket type materials with 20,000 oscillations per second. The ultrasonic technology reduces blade gumming and friction between the material and blade.

  • Over 60 blades, punches, notches and more can be used in the universal tool spindles
  • A library feature within the operating control software allows the operator to save commonly used tool pressures and blade assignments based on job and material files
  • Computer-assisted calibration minimizes downtime after tool changing
  • Blade life is dependent on the materials being cut.
  • Eastman tool depth limiters and exclusive tool depth gauges are available to limit the exposure of the blade and minimize blade penetration into the cutting surface.
  • Designed for cutting adhesive backed, composite or gasket type materials
  • One ultrasonic and two heavy-duty tool spindles
  • Ultrasonic spindle available with 30, 45 and 55 degree drag blades
  • Reduces blade gumming and friction between the material and blade
  • Frequency: 20,000 Hz (20,000 oscillations per second)
  • Includes pneumatic pen lift/holder assembly for labeling parts and/or system calibration purposes (computer-assisted calibration available)
  • 3 inch (7.62 cm) stroke
  • Ultrasonic tool head option available for static table and conveyor systems
  • Compatible with JetPRO, LabelPRO and Router Options

Includes Two Heavy-Duty Tool Spindles

  • Heavy-duty tool spindles with your choice of up to two tools
  • Stiffer, thicker tool spindles offer less deflection when cutting rigid materials
  • 3 inch (7.62 cm) stroke
  • Compatible with complete library of blades, punches, notches and more.