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Digitizing Tablet

A large format digitizing tablet offers greater flexibility and patented sensing technology for enhanced performance. An integrated USB connection allows the digitizer to be powered through any PC, providing access to software programs.

Additional Information

Baud Rates

Up to 38,400

Operating Modes

Line, continuous, line increment and continuous increment


+/-0.010 inch / 0.25mm


Up to 2,540 lines per inch / 100 lines per mm

Power Supply

120V / 60Hz, 220V / 50Hz
No supply required for USB connection

Tablet Dimensions

44 x 60 inches (1118mm x 1524mm)

Contour Extraction
■ Performs automatic contour extraction
■ The cutting system cuts the parts on the external cutline of the printed shape
■ Internal cutlines are not supported
■ Especially useful for sportwear and advertising applications